Website: Blendtuts

Hey again guys!, check out the new and revamped BlendTuts website, Oliver Villar is going on full throttle with his website now, and it looks great.

I had the chance to work with him in Luke’s Escape for almost a year (we’re still in it together), and he’s a great artist when it comes to modeling, shading and lighting, and he’s also a great teacher.

He gave me a copy of his book about a year ago “Learning Blender: A Hands-On Guide to Creating 3D Animated Characters”, which I like a lot, because it takes you through the whole process of creating an animation piece, mostly focusing on modeling, texturing, shading and lighting, but also has some rigging and animation, even though I believe he should have chosen an other character for it, it’s still a great read.

He’s also making a podcast with focus on topics for beginners, so if you’re a newcomer, definitelly hear him out.



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