Add-on: Selection Restrictor

Oh yes, I’m going to give you hints on add-ons that I use, and I use at least 5 or 6 on a daily basis, and this came out a few days ago, and is something I wanted to write myself since no one was doing it, but thanks to Alesis Sidenko I didn’t have to try to learn python for months to write the script, he he.

So what this add-on is very simple but is one thing I was missing from Maya since I switched and is the ability to filter the type of objects you can select in the viewport. I’m an animator so most of the time I’m in pose mode, but unless the Geometry of your character has restrict selection on, it will often get in the way of your controls, which makes workflow slower… it’d be nice to have pre-selection highlight but that’s a whole other topic.

2016-02-23 15_41_56-

The image is pretty much selfexplanatory, you’ll find that arrow pointing down at the end of your viewport’s header which hides the filters, and each filter is for each type of object, easy right?, and also you can tell an object to ignore the rules or not to (the ghosts), and the last button is refresh… just in case.

As you can see I have Meshes unselectable so they don’t mess with my joints.

Get the add-on here and follow the Blender Artist’s thread here


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