Quick Tip: Keep your menu order consistent

There is this “feature” that Blender has, that really bothers me, have you noticed how menus often change their order direction depending on how close to the bottom or top of the screen they are?

To me it always felt like it was a UI design “no-no” reordering menus like that makes you have to look at it every time more than you should, and today thanks to user Sanne from BlenderArtists we have an answer for this, well in fact it was the developers, because the solution is an option in the user preferences, but not the typical users “user preferences”. It’s very hidden, to my belief it should be available in the regular interface, but in any case here is how to access it and I quote Sanne:

Switch window type to outliner, change type of information to user preferences in the dropdown of the window menu header at the bottom, open view & controls, untick “Contents Follow opening Direction”. Should be saved with user prefs and/or startup blend.


Wanna check out the original post?

So there you go!, consistent menu direction for everyone!, now go make some art!.

Happy Blending!


3 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Keep your menu order consistent

  1. Nice tip. One of the first things I always do when installing a new version of blender is open every window and flip the header to the top, then save the startup file. To make the change you outline above would be confusing to me since I’m used to the menus being “upside down”. Heh.


    1. Yeah, with that button there should be a way to put the menus backwards… it’s supper annoying that they didn’t set this as a default years ago.


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