Short Film: Bear Story

Today, is a special day for us… Chileans, for the first time we have an Oscar Nominee winner, and I’m proud that is cg animation, that talks a lot about how good our artists are at the moment, and this is giving our industry also greater momentum to continue growth.
Luckily I’ve had the pleasure to always be in touch and collaborate in either projects and classes with the guys from punk robot studio, heck many of the guys and girls working there were students of mine at some point or an other, so today I want to pay a homage to them, and If you’re gonna see the Oscars tonight, you have to see this short.

Unluckily for us, they have hidden the film, probably for good reasons, but It will be online soon, and it shall be posted here… in the mean time, the trailer!

Watch the film 

Ans the moment where they received the award!


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