Add-On: Channel Isolate and Frame

This great little add-on from Jason Van Gumster has been a lifesaver ever since I started animating in Blender, what it does is pretty simple, there is room for improvement still but as I talked to him about it a few years ago seems that the blender API at the time wouldn’t allow what we wanted, maybe it’s time to check if anything has changed there.

So as you install it, then you can go to your graph editor

2016-02-25 11_54_47-Blender_ [H__Dropbox_raise project_Animaciones_FINALES_Nariz_Looch.blend].png

Select the channel that you’d like to “Isolate and Frame”

2016-02-25 11_52_42-Blender_ [H__Dropbox_raise project_Animaciones_FINALES_Nariz_Looch.blend]

Hit Shift+V, and voilá!, your channel is isolated and framed =)

2016-02-25 11_53_01-Blender_ [H__Dropbox_raise project_Animaciones_FINALES_Nariz_Looch.blend]

Improvement?, yes, we think that the isolate and frame operation should be automatically done when you select one or multiple channels, without having to go and hit shift v, but this works well enough for now.


3 thoughts on “Add-On: Channel Isolate and Frame

    1. I thats only hide the other curves right?, i think is a good solution, but automatically framing to the selected curve aswel makes 2 steps into one, i have other workarounds that work too like, showing only the selected channel’s keyframes, but more often that not i find Isolate and frame the mos comfortable for daily use, and more so combining it with the rest of the techniques.


    2. But you still need to frame it right?, it would be nice if this all would work just when you select 5he channel


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