Add-On: Advanced Boomsmash

First, a “boomsmash” is an OpenGL render that grabs images from the view-port and spits them as fast as it can to the hard drive, to the people that comes from Maya this is known as playblast.

It’s specially useful to preview animation when they can’t be watched real-time in the viewport itself, so in animation we use it quite a lot, (I try to keep my rigs light, but often is the mix of multiple rigs, and background and such that still crushes performance).

2016-02-24 13_48_07-Blender_ [H__Dropbox_raise project_Animaciones_FINALES_Nariz_Looch.blend].png

We developed this add-on, with my friend Cristian, and we even though we’ve been halted for a while, I think it’s at a usable stage.

Advanced Boomsmash that sits in the Tools tab in Pose Mode and in the Animation Tab in Object Mode, and it looks to add options to your current openGL preview animation which will make it more confortable when you’re going back and for between animation and rendering and such so you dont have to also go back and forth with changing parameters.

*Boomsmash = openGL render.


It turns on stamp only for boomsmash (regardless it’s deactivated for regular rendering)

Only render
Turns on only render for the view you’re boomsmashing.

Gives you a transparent bg (works only if your output supports transparency and there is no background geometry in the shot)

Opens up the player you have set by default with the animation loaded and ready to watch.

If simplify is on (it probably is if you’re trying to animate fast) it will turn it off for the boomsmash so you can see your silhouettes as smooth as they should be.

Use preview range
will boomsmash your preview range only.

Resolution Percentage
it will boomsmash at a percentage of the current render output (just so it renders faster and also you don’t have to be going and changing your res back and forth for the actual render output)

Will give your file an output path so you don’t actually smash your renders if you have done some.



1.- Output format
To be able to define a different output format from the actual render one, so you can have your scene set up for rendering in image sequence, but that your boomsmash renders in quicktime.

2.- Incremental
If there is a boomsmash already done that it would add a number

3.- Autonaming (based on scene is a good idea)
A default name that will take the name of the scene and be set to create it’s BS folder with the movies thrown inside them.

4.- Cancel Boomsmash, being able to hit ESC to cancel the creation of a boomsmash.

5.- Replace the “render opengl animation” button with the boomsmash one so this options just settings you can hide for the most part.


Hope you guys can make it your own, implement it in your workflow and if someone is willing to add more to it fix, or help implement what’s missing it’d be supercool. =)

I replaced the dropbox link for a GitHub one if anyone wants to branch or edit it you’re very welcome!


10 thoughts on “Add-On: Advanced Boomsmash

  1. Great addon!!
    It wasn’t clear, if you have multiple 3D views windows open, which one will pick to render?
    Also I’ve that a playbast in Maya is really quick, but in Blender is bit slower, do you know why?


    1. It will render the one where you push the button (because it’s set in a tab).
      Playblast in maya isnt really quick, but seems to be quicker than blenders in some cases, probably becaause it dumps a super ugly file, and blender seems to crop it out to the camera and little things like that, that in the end make life much easier =)


    1. Hey man, do you know how to implement a “format” chooser, i want to be able to set a video format for the boomsmash but keep the actual settings for the scene in image sequence…

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      1. Ya lo añadí! acabo de subir el archivo con las mejores que le hice, espero haber usado bien github, primera vez que lo uso, dejo la lista de lo que cambie.

        new features & fixes proposal!

        – new name proposal.
        – text “boomsmash” changed for “playblast” to consistent with the name.
        – select file format added.
        – icons changed.
        – text for tooltips changed.
        – header added.
        – save in tmp folder like blender default settings.
        – add “_” at final the scene name to separate the frames and name. ej.: (old: namefile_scene0001.avi) (new: namefile_scene_0001.avi).
        – add “/” at final the blend file directory to dont join folder name with the file name.

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  2. looch, que diferencia o ventaja tiene este Boomsmash con el openGL render de blender en cuanto a velocidad. Para confesarte me llamó la atención, porque hace tiempo he estado buscando un playblast (preview) que realmente sea rapido porque no se porque el preview de blender (opengl render) es muy demorado. Quisiera saber si el Boomsmash es mas rápido que el opengl render y que ventajas brinda.


  3. Lo estuve probando, una vez empieza a hacer el preview (playblast) hay alguna manera de detenerlo? le doy ESC y se queda bloqueado (No responde) hasta que termina de hacer el proceso. Con el OpenGl render le das ESC y se detiene el proceso. Esto es bastante util porque por ejemplo puse a hacer un playblast de toda mi escena, luego me arrepentí porque debi restringirlo solo a la porción de animación que me interesa…pero ya era muy tarde, habia empezado y me tocó esperar que terminara los 640 frames :O.
    Si la tiene porfavor me indicas. Si no la tiene seria una buena mejora a futuro 🙂


    1. Si, està en proceso eso es algo que no hemos podido resolver no es que creamos que no es util solo que al llamar la funcion de manera externa al parecer hay que hacer algo alterno para poder mantener la funcion de cancelar, estamos en eso!


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