Add-on: Animation Nodes

I’m betting most of you at least have heard of it, well animation nodes is a Visual Programming suite, don’t be scared you don’t need to code, It’s a bunch of geniuses that have put together a set of nodes for you to drag and drop and animation code just like that.

Here is a reel of a lot of beautiful projects different people compiled through the development of the add-on last year.

It can seem a bit overwhelming at the beginning since as you might see first hand there are a LOT of nodes you can use to affect objects, object’s components like vertices, sound, materials, even particles.

I highly recommend you check the thread in HERE

You can directly download it from HERE

Install it as any other add-on, and go to your node’s panels, and you’re ready to go!

We’re already preparing a few tutorials for you guys to get right on it.


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