Making Of: LollypopMan Xmas 2015

Hey guys!, I wanted to share something different with you today.

Last christmas I created this animated greeting that slowly scaled it started by being a character and a flat endless background and ended the way you see it now, it was a fun process that took about 3 days, 1 day to do most of the animation, and 2 days to polish, make details, decisions, and sound by my friend Adolfo Hernandez.

So here is the greeting, and the making of is after the jump:

As you can see, it started super simple, with a simple tree, a simple blocking, and a simple background, but the more I worked on it, more stuff I wanted to add, and more I was falling in love with it so i kept polishing everything as I went along, after a few hours the tree seemed poor, so I watched a tutorial from Andrew Price, he does great stuff but his artwork is extremely expensive and not really suited for a production environment, but it gave me a few ideas to improve my tree…

The recording that you’re about to see is about 4-5 hours of the animation process.

Comments?, questions?, ideas?, write!

Happy Blending


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