Add-on: Node Wrangler

This add-on, MUST use if you’re using Cycles, it makes it’s workflow soooo much faster, some of these options should be default blender behavior, at least these four that I’m going to mention, I know there are a ton more, but I use the add-on just for these four.

Check em out!

The first one that caught my attention, CTRL+SHIFT CLICK, will show you in the view-port render whatever node you select

Switching Node View.gif


Then, the second one that I started using, Node Swapping: you can select a node, any node and with Shift+S it will show you almost the entire add menu, and will kill the node you have selected and replace it by the one you select from the menu.


Swap Shaders


My third loved feature, a function to create the texture nodes quickly, just hit CTRL+T when you have selected a node that has an RGB input (the yellow socket), or a texture node, and it will create the “texture coordinate” and the “mapping” nodes.



And last one, Is one for lazy people, like me, but is great in usability, it’s called Lazy Connect, great name, so you Alt+Right Click and draw a line between two shaders or nodes, and it will give you a way to mix them.


That’s it for today!

Now go cycling faster than ever!!, questions, ideas? something that you’d want me to write about?, let me know!


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