PSL – Week One


It’s been a bit more than a week since we started PSL, and we already had a big assignment (we’re already preparing the second one), and I feel like I’ve learnt a lot of blender and about narrative, but this is just the start.

We’ve been touching up on the basics of grease pencil to be able to quickly develop, itearate and deliver on Ideas, like everyone knows testing out ideas on paper is way faster and easier than In 3D, so that’s where we are at, while at the same time we’re learning about narrative and principles of animation slowly come in.

My first assignments sucked of course, hope to get better soon, although I did 3 to test out the waters, and so to see what works and what doesnt.

Take the consideration that I can’t draw, for the love of god, I’m trying, so you’ll see ugly drawings and paintovers all over the place.

In any case I’m gonna put them in the Best to Worst order.

This one called “Bola”, seems to just work, probably due to the fact that the black ball is shiny and reminds you of the Bombs from cartoons, and mario bross.

“Ballimpics”, was actually the first one I made, and took time to refine, it does work as a surprise and what not, but it still needs some further refinement, maybe having hens in the audience and shaping the ball a bit more like an egg would make it work better.

Just plant the idea before hand in a very subtle way for the surprise to appear “Logical” and not out of the blew.

And this third one seemed not to work at all, this one I did at 1 am the night before delivering the assignments, firstly it doesn’t read, and the gag might not even be fun enough.

So far it’s been a great experience, classmates are awesome, coworkign people are awesome, school is awesome, and the challenges are even better.


Let’s see how this develops!



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