Selection Restrictor Overhaul!

One of the fantastic add-ons that i posted way back when I started this blog, is the Selection Restrictor, other people have been wanting this kind of functionality, and in the end Alesis (the creator of the original Selection Restrictor) and Nikos Priniotakis an amazing contributor to the blender community who also came up with a similar solution, ended up joining forces.

The addon simply aids your life by filtering object selection by type, so when you deactivate any of the types of objects all the objects in the scene of the same type will be unselectable, pretty straight forward, I believe this is the kind of functionaliyy that should come with every 3D package.


I would usually write a whole how to use this addon but this one explains itself, and it looks and works better than ever (also the page itself has a little explanation of how it works)

Get it here!

and now go filter your objcts like a boss!


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