[Addon] Extra Groups v1.0 released!

Made by the great Julien Duroure on his quest to improve rigging and animation in Blender he created this add-on a perfect companion for every animator, it’s very similar to the Bone Selection Sets add-on that comes in blender, but 100 times more powerful, fully featured, among some of these, the ability to select, add or subtract selection of groups, has a quick access with the Q key, you can import and export selection groups for when you’re using similar rigs ( i.e: multiple characters rigged with blenrig, or rigify ), you can solo controls, key a group, and even come up with your own setups!

go and check it out!, honestly Julien did a great job with this add-on I’ve been using it for months, and it’s now available via the blendermarket for only $15!




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