Glen Keane – INTERVIEW coming!

So its been a long time after Annecy 2017, I went back to Pepe-School-Land to finish up my reel project, then Mundos Digitales in a Coruña, then Anomalia for about a month, also freelancing struggling a lot financially due to this whole adventure that I got in, then stumbled into a job which moved me from sunny Barcelona to London… fun story to tell over a beer, but long story short I’m finally ready to start sharing about this wonderful interview I was able to take during Annecy, and so I decided that a way for you guys not to have to wait too much more for the interview to be edited and all, I’m gonna be releasing it in small chapters, and so brace yourselves because next Monday at around 12pm London Time, I’ll be releasing the first one!.

Till then!,



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