Glen Keane: Part 1

>> Transcript <<

What are the best things that a new animator brings to the table that you think that they should try and care to maintain during their career?

Glen: On tangled, I was watching animators come on and make the same mistake: that they want their animation to look like good animation and they show me the work and I say yeah that looks really like a nicely animated scene and that’s the problem, it looks like animation!, and that character is real it doesn’t feel… it feels like something I’ve seen before. I want to see you!, I want to see what- how you feel about this moment, I want you to live in the skin of that character. I don’t want to feel like I’m looking at something that I’ve seen before, this is, this is fresh this is new like…
I remember one time student asking me how many takes are there in animation?,  so takes what do you mean?.. you know like a “take” like a “whoa”. First of all there is no such thing as a take that is a term what is it take it’s you are startled your body is not expecting something and it reacts the muscles contract and you turn around and you look and your shoulders drop down as you see what’s happening out there but that’s and there’s an infinite  number of those there is no formulas to anything, –anticipation: maybe sometimes you don’t want anticipation it just it’s gotta happen like without an anticipation but there’s times where the body has to prepare for something it’s got to come through observation and in real life.
In CG animators are going so much further than I think traditional animators in: observing, They’re filming themselves they’re studying little nuances that they do and they’re bringing some sophistication to the acting, it’s absolutely beautiful I am in love with that. I love in “Sing” the animation of the gorilla Johnny as he’s singing and the tilt of the head and the way the characters singing– this was so well observed! by whoever animated that. I know Patrick Delage was an animator working with me on Tarzan is working with the team there and I saw a lot of his influence in that but it was his influence in terms of observation or others are replicating that… but I love that when I see that happening in CG .

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