Glen Keane: Part 2

Question: What was a big “a-ha!” moment in your career?

>> Transcript <<

I remember in Mickey’s Christmas Carol there was this moment when Willie the giant,
is a big giant, and he pushes the roof off of the house and he steps out into the night and he picks up a lamp post for a flashlight, takes the top off the flashlight– lamp post to use it, and as I was thumbnailing it through I remembered that when I was a kid <<Willie the giant was like a big kid>>, that I would always look at the flashlight and just I’d love to just turn it on off so I just added that, it wasn’t in the story but it was it was just this moment of him and that and he reacts to it… it was something I wasn’t gonna put in
there, but I just felt like I had to and I just did it, and when I showed to our team it was just a spontaneous laugh not because It was so funny but everybody identified with him and that was such an important moment for me, that to put something real something identifiable has enormous magnetic power for the audience if you put something true in
there and it might be: just delicate little lifting of a little finger it brings credibility and just envelops– pulls people in and I never forgot that and it’s it’s the thing that I look for
in everything that I animate.

>> End of Transcript <<

We hope you have enjoyed getting some wisdom from Glen himself!, if you like, share with the world!
Now back to animating!



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