#bcon17 – report

So I’m back from a weekend full of nerdiness, beer and blender!
It really was fantastic to see all those familiar faces again!, meet some great new people from all over the globe.

Saw and met some cool people… like the doctors:

2017-10-29 10.11.55.jpg

also this bunch:

2017-10-29 10.12.30.jpg

Got some great belgian chocolate from Midge aka The Mantissa

2017-10-30 08.06.41.jpg

…and so a lot of great things happened during the conference… nathan vegdahl secretly appeared in the conference and joined efforts with all the people that have been working on rigify (julien duroure, the guys from mad entertainment and also the dudes from les-fees-speciales) which sounds like rigify is going to keep evolving for the better and soon… and really to be honest my only request for it is a decent facial rig and keep it damn simple, don’t over do it.

Also Dr. Sybren Stuvel,

2017-10-29 16.57.23.jpgone of the amazing devs that works at the Blender Institute Animation Studio implemented support for metaballs in Alembic… in a couple of hours… and added a “frame offset” slider for Alembic aswel!:

I’ll probably write more on that in a later post.

And so out of talks I listed here that I wanted to watch I was able to catch most of them, but as every year all of them got recorded and are online on youtube now, recordings are top notch this year, with a great production value that has become better and better every year:


I wanted to highlight a few that were the highlights of the highlights to me, as ive seen most ot the talks, all or most of them were really top notch, so give yourself a go and pick one that interests you from the above playlist… if you wanna see what Ive found that were the most appealing to me check these ones out!:

“HERO” Blender 2D Open Movie Project with Grease Pencil

Rigging for formlessness:

Principles of Animation

Making of “Cinderella the Cat”

Making of “Agent 327”

Getting weird with The Mantissa

“I lost my body” a feature film work in progress.


all talks I sat through were really cool, I really had a great time this year at the conference, there still some people that I wanted to see that couldn’t make it but we have many more conferences coming!

As a final note, and one thing that made me very excited is that Ton announced that for the Agent’s film now called “the case of the einstein enigma” he had some help from really amazing Story Artists that worked for pixar, dreamworks and the like, so it’s story will be top notch.!

Alright i guess thats all for me now!.

Cheers and happy blending!


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