Glen Keane: Part 3

WARNING, audio on this ONE QUESTION is terrible due to my lack of brains, but I carefully transcribed It for you to be able to understand and not miss a single idea, sorry for that, all the other questions in the next parts have quite good audio, but I’ll transcribe them anyways, and so without further a-do…

“What’s the most common mistake beginner cg animators make when coming to the film industry?”

>> Transcript <<
You make the same mistake (that traditional animators make): that animation is about moving drawings, or moving images, and therefore you need a lot of images… and you try to impress people with how many wonderful creative poses you can come up with, to communicate in one pose is good… six poses is better… twelve is even better than!…
But Ollie constantly said to me… he’d say: only… only one thing, and then he talked about “look for the golden pose” that just one pose that is maybe gonna communicate he’d say: “think in pictures”.
Now this are things that CG animators often… Don’t… because this fluidity of motion everything can— it’s so tempting.
Computer Animation is a used car salesman it tries to sell you something that you never wanted but you certainly are attracted to: “oh there is this little tilt of the head”… and “oh I can do this”, “I can do that”, ” I can turn the character here”… “I can do anything!” and… it’s… before you know it… you bought a car you never even asked for and it doesn’t even really help the film tell the story.
So, on Tangled, I would take a look at people’s animation up on the screen and with a Cintiq draw on top of their work, there was so much going on, and usually within that I could see: that’s what that… That, that’s the pose! that’s the important one!. And so I would try to focus them just as Ollie would be like do this one thing, just say one thing…
And that’s the most important thing… (sorry I had to cut this phrase from the video)



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