Glen Keane: Part 4

“How is it to transition from big Disney productions to doing your own thing?”

>> Transcript <<
Well, I think im learning what that difference is, because I thought that it would be like you just said, I get to do whatever it is that I want.
But instead… it has changed, its not, it is kind of that way… But see Ollie Jhonston said to me when i was 25, he said “Glen you’re gonna do greater things than us one day” and… for years I wished he would have never said that, I mean how are you gonna do greater than Pinocchio.. its just like eh, It’s just not possible. –
So when I left Disney the first opportunity that came up was google, to do Duet, or actually they just asked me to come in and do whatever- do- use this technology to make something beautiful and emotional… so I– They’re asking me to be me, with them… and that development, and for each of the projects that I’ve been doing, the Paris ballet asking me to be me, to come up with something, or riot games to develop a personal character,
or Kobey Briant wanting me to tell that story my way, the common thread is not my, my autonomy as much as ollie what was saying “you’re gonna do greater things than us”, was that greater in… I learned it wasn’t meaning greater in the form but greater in application, take the principles of Disney and apply it in new forms that you never could have imagined, in VR or Basketball!, its … take all that you’ve learnt and put it into something new.
So stepping out of Disney has allowed me to be me in venues that I’ve never could have imagined on my own, I would not, I needed somebody else to invite me to their world and that other world is really really important
And I cant say I claimed like, “oh yeah was already going to wanna do basketball”, i wasn’t going to, I wasn’t thinking about what google was asking, I needed, i need others to invite in me to their world to be me, and that what I’ve embraced, that’s the journey I’m on now.
>> End of Transcript <<
Paris Ballet: Nephtali


Google: Duet


Kobey Briant: Dear Basketball


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