Annecy 2018

Hey boys and girls!, animation fans and all!, I’ll be going to Annecy this year and I hope to meet you all to share experiences, have some fun, talk with a bunch of people, check the conferences, pitches and with a bit of luck catch the release of The Incredibles 2!.

Here is a nice video that the festival organization created!:


Also there is at least one of the “drunk animators” coming to the festival and we want to have a drunk animators session over there, so if you’re around make sure to drop by, It’ll be on the “cafe des arts” date TBD.

And so check out the trailer of the incredibles 2, get excited and come over to Annecy 2018!


Happy annecy-ing!


2 thoughts on “Annecy 2018

  1. hey Lollypopman, this is Clare from South AFrica. Also working on Blender now for our TV series. I will be at Annecy 2018 and would like to meet up. Send me an email.

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