Glen Keane: Part 5

“What’s your favourite movie?”

>> Transcript <<
Peter Pan.
Well, the quality of animation, all the nine old men where at their pinnacle in their fourties, they were masters of what they where doing and they all animated on that movie, including Freddie Moore the one who trained the 9 old men while animating on the mermaids … so it’s by far the most beautiful piece of animation.
It speaks to believing the impossible was possible to me, which I connect, I have flying dreams, all the time, I absolutely love that.
There is something so wonderful about Tinkerbell and the studied animation that Mark Davies put into that character, her attitude, there’s such an edge to that film, It’s playing in dark territories, she wants to kill Wendy, she’s so angry she burns a hole in a leaf, Captain Hook has lost his hand and it’s eaten by a crocodille, her firering cannon— I mean compared to any of the other films, I mean – actually that’s not true – there’s many dark things in the other films but there’s something so refreshingly fun and serious and imaginative it encompasses everything I love, and also Mary Blair’s beautiful color work… it just stands as my favourite, I can watch it over and over and over and over again.
>> End of Transcript <<
With this we end Glen’s interview, I hope you enjoyed it, next time I’ll try not to take a year in putting it online and make it a bit more professional, but I guess it’s a start.
I could only find the trailers for the blue ray and dvd trailers, but not the one for the theatrical release because I think at that point in time trailers didn’t even exist.


happy animating!!


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