[Feature Film] Nuna

Nuna is a Feature length film being currently developed in Peru by Origami Studios, I had the chance to ask a few questions to the director about the film and It’s process.

Here is the synopsis, the trailer and interview after the jump!

The Andean mountain range is immersed in eternal winter; the children are disappearing and not even the scissor dancers or their spirits can seem to stop it. Yaku, a scissor dancer’s apprentice, will be forced to travel to the Andean spiritual world to recover his younger brother. Meanwhile, his grandfather, the Danzak Arístides, will do whatever it takes to free the Amaru, the powerful spirit of the weather, before it falls in the wrong hands.

Hello Ikarus, glad to have you here!

  1. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your role in Nuna:
    Hi!, I’m Jimy Carhuas (Ikaro) and I’m project director at Origami Studio, I’m an architecture graduate and NUNA is our first feature film.
  2. How long have you worked in animation?
    Since high school in the 90’s I started getting involved in computers, i was interested in narrative through digital media in things like CAD and engineering software. In 2006 i start working in advertising as a 3D generalist and since then I started specializing in animation, supporting our local industry, so I’ve been involved in animation about 12 years.
  3. How long have you worked in Nanu?
    We started it as a short film project in 2010, that became a feature film project in 2013, since then the project has seen growth because of national and international opportunities that have appeared.
  4. What is the current stage of the project?
    We’re finishing pre-production at the moment.
  5. When is it due to be released?
    We don’t have a set date, though I hope somewhere in the next 2 years.
  6. Have you animated in the movie too?
    I’m directing it, though I do animate, but very little in pre-production.
  7. Tell us about the role of blender in your pipeline?
    In Peru there is little use of blender in production, the market is dominated by Maya and max, and in Nuna we were using Lightwave, but we started migrating to blender since January, making the rigs again and the layout directly in Blender.
  8. Why did you choose to use blender?
    Blender unifies a lot of process in one environment,  in 2017 we did our first test of mixing 2D and 3D pipeline, and the whole process was tedious and slow, that’s when we started evaluating blender. Now we’re comparing each of the aspects that we have and the needs of our production and so far so good!.
  9. Do you use other non commercial or commercial software in combination?
    We’re also migrating to Krita, but we still use Photoshop and after effects.
  10. What where “life saving” features that you probably couldn’t have lived without?
    Grease Pencil, it’s a phenomenal tool even though we’re still learning it.
  11. What are some feature you wish you had in blender that would have aided your production?
    To be honest blender is a very powerful software, we’re very anxiously waiting for 2.8, at this point all we would really wish is a more elaborated post production module.

Amazing, thank you!, we’re really looking forward to see the film finished and I’m sure  our readers share the feeling!

Here is a making of the movie currently in progress:

and to check out more art and backstory of the movie go to https://www.nuna-film.com/


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