The team grows !

I wanted to do a little introduction because we’re very excited to welcome my dear friend and colleague from Framestore, Amaury to our blog!, he’ll be writing about all things lighting.
“Hey I’m Amaury, lighting TD, I had the opportunity to work on amazing projects such as Paddington 2, Mowgli, or recently the last Disney film : Christopher Robin.
I like colourful lighting, and how a lighting can highlight a character to improve the mood/feeling of the shot and of this character.
On this blog I will be in charge of “The Lighting Club” section, I will talk about lighting on different short/project or make interviews of lighting supervisor etc..
Hopefully you will like it 🙂
So very soon you’ll start seeing posts from him, btw the beautiful featured image was from his very own art station!…
…and here you can find more links to his great work!

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