Animator Inspiration – Boa 10 Year Reel

If you are currently an animator, and you suck, or you want to be an animator and you also suck, like me, I’d advise you to check out the reel of Boa Tikumporn, I had the pleasure of meeting him while he was working at Framestore and he just released this truly inspiring “10 year animation roll”, you have to watch it through to the end.

It is truly inspiring to see your 10 year animation roll, because we as animators all the time feel like we’re crap (and some of us actually are), and that we should be more, or do more or everything more, so this shows you that consistency, perseverance, resilience, keeping it up gets you where you want to go.

So I talked to him about it, and he was really kind to answer a few questions for me, after the jump!

When did you start getting into animation?

  • I started doing animation when I was 19. First year in the University in Bangkok, Thailand. When I was very young I did draw a little animation on the learning book in primary school (like a flip book)

How did you start?

  • The 1st Toy Story is the movie that brought me to do animation. I like this Movie a lot and I was just curious on how to do it. So I started learning by my self by watching some videos on youtube and buying some text books. I’ve started from Flash Animation then Maya7. But at the same time I have never neglected to drinking party.
    I also took an Animation course in Thailand but I don’t think that the course helped me improve much. They just kept on talking about Arcs and Spacing tracking, but they never said anything about telling story.

How do you keep on training your skills to improve?

  • I was on a great team when I was in Thailand working on an animated feature called “9Sastra”. We helped each other to improve our animation skills. I was very Lucky to have a great animation supervisor there. He has an eagle eye and he always gave us a great notes.
    Also I have asked people around me to comment my work to improve, even if they are not animators. I think animators can give me animation notes but guys who are not animators can give me an “audience” notes and I think that’s great.

Do you do animation outside of work hours too?, if yes, with what purpose, and how much time average a week?

  • Yes, I do animation at home but I’m not sure about time average. sometime just 10 minutes then go to get a pint. sometime I can do it for 3-4 hours after work and all day on the weekend. If I have fresh Idea I really enjoy it!.
    Every time when I have done a personal piece I have learned something new, So I keep doing personal projects more and more and I think my skill has grown up one more step each time.

Did you have an “a-ha!” moment through your ten years?

  • From what I remember I got 2 times A-ha Moment. The first one is when I had an Idea to do ActionTest part02_V09_ [ WIP ] and overall beat and timing for the sequence kept running in my head. I Couldn’t wait to went back home to do it.
    The second one is when I had an Idea and a big picture in my head to do a big creature fighting sequence (this one still on hold since I have a baby now, but I will be back to it soon)

Which one was the piece you think that brought you to work in Framestore in such great shows?

  • The one that brought me to work in Framestore is ActionTest part02_V09_ [ WIP ] I tried to do it like a combination test between Japanese Anime style and 3D animation, It worked!. I remember when I did the cutting for the sequence I was so excited and shared it immediately, it was so kick ass and powerful even if it was not finished yet. That name of this piece came from the latest maya file name. actually it’s still in progress but I will leave it like that.

What do you expect to do in the next 10 years?

  • In the next 10 years I expect to be 41 with a big belly and still enjoy doing animation.

Thank you so much Boa, looking forward to the 20 year reel!

  • Thanks Man. Hope to see you soon. Cheers -Boa


Check out his latest reel here!


I dont know if this phrase I heard it from somewhere or came up with it but i think it really fits here!

– doesn’t matter where you come from or your current skill set, its up to you to get where you want to. –


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