KID MOSTRO – Challenge

this is the first time I participate in a challenge, this challenge appeared on my time-line on Facebook about “bringing to life” some characters designed by kids, I often find that i cant really design characters at all, and kids often design characters that are more simple and sintetic which I think fits my skill level and style!, I decided that I would model, rig, animate and render the character, using a mix of blender 2.79 and 2.8, so once I’ve got him to the rigging / animation stage and with some basic colors, I’d do the final shading and rendering in eevee and maybe even do some funky 2D effects in grease pencil, and I wanted to show you here my process

this is the character I chose number 138.


September 13: Day One

All happened in the course of about an hour, I found the challenge while was waiting for the bus, looked through the designs and this one quickly caught my eye, I think it was because I really see it fitting into a monsters university world kind of thing.

So luckily enough my bus got in right away, I sat down and pulled out my old 2012 macbook pro, and started blocking it out with a cube with a mirror modifier and subdivision surface, and a few shrinkwraps here and there… I created the body, the wings and arms as separate shapes, the ears or antennas extruded from the head, made 3 spheres for the eyes, and added some base colors for everything.


That’s all for today, more soon!


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