[Pro-Tip] Flip you camera.

In blender, if you scale your camera in negative x so “-1” you get a flipped camera.

that’s it!, it’s that simple… sorry no more explanation than that.

though there are some viewport issues in 2.79 with this, those issues dont affect when rendering in cycles.

Okay just to add an extra tip: if you want to do the exact same thing in Maya, it’s a bit more steps, first make your camera at 0,0,0 group it, now instead of moving rotating your camera use the group, if you scale your group in -1 on the x axis there you go…

Here’s the step by step demo:

Well yeah!, that’s easy!

Hope you enjoyed and learnt something, if there are any more tricks like this you know i’d be glad to hear them, follow me on twitter @lucianomunoz_


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