London Blender Day 2019

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to be able to attend the first London Blender Day!,

The blender london day lives in the same spirit of blender conference but in london It was held for the first time this year commemorating 4 years of blender london meetups.

The organization of the event was fantastic and as per usual around the blender community everyone wanted to talk, share and connect with other people… I loved the brownies and the ham cheese and honey sandwiches where my favourites.

I got to hang out with a bunch of friends like Ian Dow Wright, Wojciech, Pablo Lopez Soriano, Francisco Guirao, Gareth Qually and Pablo Vazquez to name a few and some of them did great talks!

The speakers where high level and came from multiple varied disciplines like, automotive design, 3d printing, video games, motion graphics, concept art and so on.

The event was packed and a total success,

picture by jamie robert brown

Here is the complete Line-up of speakers

There was even time for a few lighting talks, one of them where I explained how to do a rigify rig in 6 mins, just to show how easy and powerful it can be… I think it was well received!

Check the event page at

And since i’m still trying to learn to draw, here are some sketches that i did at the conference.


4 thoughts on “London Blender Day 2019

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