Spiderverse Style Linework Addon

Still fantasizing about creating a spiderverse style animation in blender?, well check out Cody Winch’s youtube and gumroad because he’s got some addons and tutorials you may need, the most recent really cool one he just released a few hours ago is this one:

With this addon you’ll be able to create rigged controllable line work to add expression lines to your character’s face and they will stick to the character’s face and be hand animatable, really good looking thing, check it out!

Im honestly exited to give it a go

The addon itself its inexpensive for the ammount of work it’ll help you do in litttle time, https://gumroad.com/codywinch

And while you’re at it, check out his mixed framerate addon (free) that will help you when you want to animate the character on 2’s keeping the camera on 1’s but without the strobe effect!.

Boom!, happy blending 2020!


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