Clay Kaytis gives you feedback

Hey animators, here is a good opportunity to get great feedback from someone who’s been in the industry for long as an animator, director, a hirer and a hiree.

here is some of the stuff he’s participated in if you havent heard about him yet (doubtful):

Dont miss this opportunity he reveals really great tips and a lot of it with the point of view from a director, its great to be able to pick on their (directors) brains to see what they want to get from a shot, which is not necessarily the polishing because the type or level of polishing depends on the type of production, but a lot of what a director wants in a series, commercial or a movie is the same and it has to do with how you’re telling the story of that shot, how you’re portraying it and how you’re making sure the audience gets its eyes where they need to.

So here is the first of his reviews to get you excited:

Now go hit him up on twitter, he’ll probably NOT review everyone but that could be you

Cant wait to see the next one with your reel in it.


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