#Bcon2017 – some advice.

Hey everyone!, is that time of the year again, and I'm glad that for the third time (and second in a row) I'll be attending the Blender Conference to watch talks, the Suzanne Festival, exchange ideas with great people, and to do really deep nerd talk about blender, animation, grease pencil, cg and life... while … Continue reading #Bcon2017 – some advice.


Fan Art: Lollypopman Cowboy!

It might be cheating because she is my cousin, but this is what happened today... I was just in class and stuff, and my whatsapp came up. the best thing ever, she sent this: Cuando matemáticas te aburre (when you're bored in math class) ...and I'm like melting!!! I can't express what this feels like, … Continue reading Fan Art: Lollypopman Cowboy!