Pose Breakdowner – Improvement

Remember one of my first posts abou the Pose Breakdowner, today I'm exited to announce that it has great new features! Thanks to Joshua Leung, one of the core developers of blender mostly focused on everything related to development for the animation side it, in a couple of days improved the Pose Breakdowner, a whole … Continue reading Pose Breakdowner – Improvement


Pro Tip: multiple camera switching

Ever wondered how to switch from one camera to an other?, I know I know this is not something often done in hardcore production setups since you want to have each scene in a separate file in order to distribute work across people and many other reasons, but then again if you're making an animatic, … Continue reading Pro Tip: multiple camera switching

Quick Tip: Copy to Selected and Alt + Click

When creating a project, or a 3D scene more often than not you want to be able to handle properties on multiple objects at once, for quite a long time that was very difficult or maybe impossible if you didn't have the python coding knowledge required. These days blender is becoming more and more easy … Continue reading Quick Tip: Copy to Selected and Alt + Click