Pro Tip: Pose Breakdowner

What is it? some might wonder... well first of is a tool only for animators, actually its so "only for animators" that you can only make use of it in pose mode, I wish we could take advantage of it in object mode for animated objects, but for the most part, it's pose mode where … Continue reading Pro Tip: Pose Breakdowner


Pro Tip: Reporting Bugs

So this is a must know for every blender user that considers himself a PRO. Huh?, yes, being a pro is not only creating great work, but acting like a professional, and a professional contributes to the well being of it's industry... a good way to show your love is to help the blender developers … Continue reading Pro Tip: Reporting Bugs

Quick Tip: Copy to Selected and Alt + Click

When creating a project, or a 3D scene more often than not you want to be able to handle properties on multiple objects at once, for quite a long time that was very difficult or maybe impossible if you didn't have the python coding knowledge required. These days blender is becoming more and more easy … Continue reading Quick Tip: Copy to Selected and Alt + Click

Pro Tip: Custom colors for weightpainting

I've been wanting to talk about this for a while, and I kept forgetting, until the next time I had to do weight painting, and so this time I just decided to write the post, it's a bit longer than usual, but it has big rewards. The problem: ever painted weights?... well if you have, … Continue reading Pro Tip: Custom colors for weightpainting