Agent 327 – Feature Film Teaser.

-  For all of you who follow blender, this is probably old news, in any case, I couldn't leave it behind  - About 3 weeks ago the Teaser for the Feature Film of the agent 327 was released through vimeo, youtube and facebook, many big animation news sites have featured it already because of how … Continue reading Agent 327 – Feature Film Teaser.


Tutorial: AN – Solar system

Hey guys!, we'll I've been personally talking to Jacques Lucke and he has been  helping me understand Animation Nodes and I'm committed to share everything I learn from him in little tutorials that will help us out building a community of users that will benefit from this powerful addon. Below there is the written tutorial … Continue reading Tutorial: AN – Solar system

Add-On: Advanced Boomsmash

First, a "boomsmash" is an OpenGL render that grabs images from the view-port and spits them as fast as it can to the hard drive, to the people that comes from Maya this is known as playblast. It's specially useful to preview animation when they can't be watched real-time in the viewport itself, so in … Continue reading Add-On: Advanced Boomsmash