Pro Tip: multiple camera switching

Ever wondered how to switch from one camera to an other?, I know I know this is not something often done in hardcore production setups since you want to have each scene in a separate file in order to distribute work across people and many other reasons, but then again if you're making an animatic, … Continue reading Pro Tip: multiple camera switching


Add-On: Shapekey Driver Constraint

This is one of the coolest add-ons... nah not really, It's still a great add-on and it helps speeding up your rigging workflow quite a lot. The way it works is simple. First you have to select your geometry that has the shape keys and then you select the bone (in pose mode) that you … Continue reading Add-On: Shapekey Driver Constraint

Quick Tip: Daily Builds

Daily Builds?, what's that? you might ask... well blender as an Open Source software, is so open and so popular that it gets built every day, it means, that every day there is a new version of blender with every new fix, feature, and also sometimes bugs, with the aim to test  out every new … Continue reading Quick Tip: Daily Builds

Quick Tip: Copy to Selected and Alt + Click

When creating a project, or a 3D scene more often than not you want to be able to handle properties on multiple objects at once, for quite a long time that was very difficult or maybe impossible if you didn't have the python coding knowledge required. These days blender is becoming more and more easy … Continue reading Quick Tip: Copy to Selected and Alt + Click

Quick Tip: Keep your menu order consistent

There is this "feature" that Blender has, that really bothers me, have you noticed how menus often change their order direction depending on how close to the bottom or top of the screen they are? To me it always felt like it was a UI design "no-no" reordering menus like that makes you have to … Continue reading Quick Tip: Keep your menu order consistent

Quick Tip: Naming Bones left and right.

Hey again!, Here is a second Quick Tip about naming bones: name your joints ".L" and ".R" for left and right side accordingly, this will allow you to do many things like copying and pasting a pose inverted from one side to the other one. That works with these buttons that are in the bottom … Continue reading Quick Tip: Naming Bones left and right.

Quick Tip: Naming Bones “DEF-” “MCH-” and “ORG-“

Hey, I bet you haven't noticed this, when you have a rig, you can use a keying set that comes by default called "whole character", this allows for you to hit i and get a keyframe on every attribute of the entire rig you're animating, which is great, but sometimes you dont want to key … Continue reading Quick Tip: Naming Bones “DEF-” “MCH-” and “ORG-“