Extra Groups v1.0 released!

Made by the great Julien Duroure on his quest to improve rigging and animation in Blender he created this add-on a perfect companion for every animator, it’s very similar to the Bone Selection Sets add-on that comes in blender, but 100 times more powerful, fully featured, among some of these, the ability to select, add or subtract selection of groups, has a quick access with the Q key, you can import and export selection groups for when you’re using similar rigs ( i.e: multiple characters rigged with blenrig, or rigify ), you can solo controls, key a group, and even come up with your own setups!

go and check it out!, honestly Julien did a great job with this add-on i’ve been using it for months, and it’s now available via the blendermarket for only $15!


Dante’s Lunch

I know i’m a bit late to the party, but at least I’m here.:

Dante’s Lunch is a little promo short for Pixar’s Coco, that portrays a stray dog that found his Lunch and chases it around town, funky and beautifully animated this 2 minute pieces probably has nothing to do with the movie itself, but sort of introduces us to the setting and environments we’ll see in the movie, which is gorgeous.

Blender Developer Meeting Notes – 2017-03-19

Since the development ofBlender is something I follow as much as I can, and I decided maybe I should publish and share what’s happening over here aswel.

Some things I understand, some others I don’t, but it’s great fun to hear about what’s going on in the development of the future versions, so feel free to ask me about it, if I know the answer i’ll surely help you out.

Ton Writes:

Hi all,

Here are the notes from today’s meeting in irc.freenode.net #blendercoders 1) Targets for the next release

– The planning and target list: https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:2.7 – Dalai Felinto suggests to bring some of the 2.8 DNA changes into 2.79 for forward compatibility. This especially related to the new layer system.

– Sergey Sharybin: Cycles Shadow Catcher waits final check from Lukas Stockner. All feedback addressed now. Prem Nirved looks into OpenCL Split kernel support for Shadow Catcher.

– Reminder to ALWAYS have the (release log) wiki docs ready before merging in master! https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Ref/Release_Notes/2.79 – GPU notes for Cycles in 2.79:

– This will likely be the last one supporting NVidia GTX 5xx cards (and older).

– AMD OpenCL: older cards (GCN 1) won’t work after all the optimizations. Note: this year GCN 5 gets released. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphics_Core_Next 2) Blender 2.8 projects

– Dalai has a patch for using IDProperties for collections: https://developer.blender.org/D2563

– A viewport project plan update goes to code.blender.org this week. Same goes for workflow and ‘101’.

– UPBGE team is stand by to help getting the GE work in 2.8. This work can only start when viewport project is more mature and defined. We stay tuned. 3) Other projects

– Monday students can start submitting for GSoC 17! We have about 15 potential mentor candidates who review proposals.

Let me know if you want to help reviewing and mentor.



Pose Breakdowner – Improvement

Remember one of my first posts abou the Pose Breakdowner, today I’m exited to announce that it has great new features!

Thanks to Joshua Leung, one of the core developers of blender mostly focused on everything related to development for the animation side it, in a couple of days improved the Pose Breakdowner, a whole lot!

So let’s talk about these features.

  1. You can now just breakdown one single transform / property set.2017-03-12 11_03_47-Blender_ [K__Dropbox_PSL_Entregas_Animacion_Tarea_032 - saludo_Saludo_007.blend]

So we have GRS (Grab, Rotate, Scale) independently now if you wish to break them down, let’s say you’re making a breakdown of a hand between two poses and you only want to breakdown the rotation, there ya go hit R and now you’re only touching rotations.

And also, you have B and C, B for interpolating the Bendy Bone’s properties, and C for whatever custom properties are in that Bone.

Pretty great Huh?.-

2.You can also constrain those transforms to one single axis.2017-03-12 11_09_17-Blender_ [K__Dropbox_PSL_Entregas_Animacion_Tarea_032 - saludo_Saludo_007.blend]

Not much more to say around this, but the great thing is you can go all the way from breaking down a full pose to just one axis of one transform of one joint, which in turn aids animators in faster posing

For now to get to use these features you have to download a Daily build from: builder.blender.org or wait for blender 2.79

You can follow the amazingly talented Joshua Leung on twitter and catch up with his latest developments.


This animation I made for PSL was made with the aid of the new and improved Pose Breakdowner, also many of my classmates are using it already!

Happy pose breakdowning!