The business of animation is big business, not in the states, but all around the world, though most european movies are quite smaller on budget than the ones from the US, they have their own distinctive mark, it’s not better, nor worse, it’s just different and gives it it’s own flavour.

Cartoon Movie is happening right now in Bortdeaux, France showcasing a bunch of different feature films in different stages of production, If you want to find financing, or coproduction, etc this is one of the most important places to go in europe.

An other reason to mention this, is that the guys from MAD Entertainment (Italy) who presented some of their work and contribution to Blender last year at the Blender Conference where interviewed by Cartoon Brew, one of the most important animation blogs (probably the most important one), so here it is the trailer for their movie Gatta Cenerentola

And here the full interview from Cartoon Brew

If you’re interested in the feature film animation business, I would recommend you to go to twitter and follow the hashtag #CartoonMovie to see what’s happening minute by minute.


I last year in Annecy I was lucky to meet a bunch of great people and today I want to feature one Giulia Martinelli, an italian animator who along Marta Gennari created a beautiful and funny animated film called Merlot.

You can watch the trailer here, and follow them on facebook aswel as they are on festival round!, if you find a festival near you where it is playing be sure to check it out!.


Mr. Carton – Realtime Rendered TV show.

French Television recently published on their website this fantastic tv show called Mr. Carton, a tv show not only special by the fun beautiful pieces of animation but also because it’s the first aired tv show rendered realtime in Unity.

With a combination of 3D studio and Blender the artists created assets and then put it all together in Unity, also camera, lighting and post effects were made realtime in Unity


More and more is available for artists to create in a more independent way, with pipelines like this producing an episode could be fairly easy and you can do productions that take less than a week on making a whole episode.

And to be honest I love the aesthetic level that they pushed.

So go and watch the first episode here:

Festivals Coming!

And we are excited, great stuff is happening since I’m in Spain, not only I’m lucky to be a student of glorious Daniel Martinez Lara ( meet a lot of great people in the animation world, attending to Life Drawing Barcelona, also I’ve had the chance of attending  the Blender Conference last year in Amsterdam and it was fantastic as you probably saw in the pictures.

But the great thing is that this year we plan on covering the Annecy Animation Festival in Annecy, France, Mundos Digitales in a Coruña, Spain, the Blender Conference 2017, and hopefully we’ll be in THU too.

Looking forward for a year of bringing you more news, tutorials and tips.


Selection Restrictor Overhaul!

One of the fantastic add-ons that i posted way back when I started this blog, is the Selection Restrictor, other people have been wanting this kind of functionality, and in the end Alesis (the creator of the original Selection Restrictor) and Nikos Priniotakis an amazing contributor to the blender community who also came up with a similar solution, ended up joining forces.

The addon simply aids your life by filtering object selection by type, so when you deactivate any of the types of objects all the objects in the scene of the same type will be unselectable, pretty straight forward, I believe this is the kind of functionaliyy that should come with every 3D package.


I would usually write a whole how to use this addon but this one explains itself, and it looks and works better than ever (also the page itself has a little explanation of how it works)

Get it here!

and now go filter your objcts like a boss!

Trailer Premiere for “Here’s the Plan”

This is a special moment, “Here is the Plan” premiered it’s trailer online.

Fernanda Frick’s most recent film, a film about a young couple, struggling to reconcile their dreams of opening a bakery together with the harsh realities of workplace pressure and financial constraints. (quoted from cartoon brew)

Check out the trailer, and below the link to the entire interview from cartoon brew on this  amazing short film.

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