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Did you like my Animation Nodes tutorial?, definitelly check out Jimmy Gunawan’s site, It’s filled with experiments on Animation Nodes and also in general on his transition from other sofware to blender.

One great thing I’ve found while reading his posts is that he is very thorough and he not only posts one way to do stuff but many of his discoveries have 2 or 3 approaches to solve the same problem which is great to learn the inner workings of any piece of sofware.

So go ahead and check it out!


Tutorial: AN – Solar system

Hey guys!, we’ll I’ve been personally talking to Jacques Lucke and he has been  helping me understand Animation Nodes and I’m committed to share everything I learn from him in little tutorials that will help us out building a community of users that will benefit from this powerful addon.

Below there is the written tutorial as well.


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Add-on: Animation Nodes

I’m betting most of you at least have heard of it, well animation nodes is a Visual Programming suite, don’t be scared you don’t need to code, It’s a bunch of geniuses that have put together a set of nodes for you to drag and drop and animation code just like that.

Here is a reel of a lot of beautiful projects different people compiled through the development of the add-on last year.

It can seem a bit overwhelming at the beginning since as you might see first hand there are a LOT of nodes you can use to affect objects, object’s components like vertices, sound, materials, even particles.

I highly recommend you check the thread in HERE

You can directly download it from HERE

Install it as any other add-on, and go to your node’s panels, and you’re ready to go!

We’re already preparing a few tutorials for you guys to get right on it.