Dante’s Lunch

I know i’m a bit late to the party, but at least I’m here.:

Dante’s Lunch is a little promo short for Pixar’s Coco, that portrays a stray dog that found his Lunch and chases it around town, funky and beautifully animated this 2 minute pieces probably has nothing to do with the movie itself, but sort of introduces us to the setting and environments we’ll see in the movie, which is gorgeous.

Add-on: Bone Select Sets

This is something I’ve been wanting for a while, and didn’t realize it was in blender for some time now, though it has been recently rewrote, or fixed at least, and even if I’m bugging the developer to improve it, she won’t and that’s okay, she’s got a lot to do, and I’m just an other user bugging with a feature request, so I’ll have to learn some coding myself to make it a better UX, in any case, it still speeds up your workflow.

So here is what the add-on does, It aids you on creating buttons for quickly selecting one or many rig controls from a little panel.

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Pro Tip: Pose Breakdowner

What is it? some might wonder… well first of is a tool only for animators, actually its so “only for animators” that you can only make use of it in pose mode, I wish we could take advantage of it in object mode for animated objects, but for the most part, it’s pose mode where you’ll use it.

It’s a tool that aids ad quickly creating in-betweens by blending two poses on a percentual way, so let’s say you have two key poses

A (0%) :

2016-03-06 21_54_08-Blender_ [K__Dropbox_LOOCH_100Cycles_Cycle_001.blend]

B (100%):

2016-03-06 21_54_14-Blender_ [K__Dropbox_LOOCH_100Cycles_Cycle_001.blend]

the breakdowner can give you 100 possible mixes of this poses so 0 which will be the first one, and 100 which is the B pose, and all in between is a percentage mix of one with the other.

So select any control, or many, or even all of them in pose mode, that already has two poses or key-frames, and step in-between them like in the example:

2016-03-06 21_59_27-Blender_ [K__Dropbox_LOOCH_100Cycles_Cycle_001.blend].png

Now hit Shift+E with your mouse over the 3D view, and you’ll see your mouse turning into two arrows pointing left and right, and also in the header you’ll see “Breakdown:” and some percentage, that’s the mix amount. This tool maps 0% to the left side of your 3d view and 100% to the right side, so you just move the mouse and when you’re happy with the pose that you see in the screen you Left Click and it stays… also you can input the numbers and hit enter and that works too.

Afterwards you can key it, and you got yourself a new breakdown.



This I use quite a lot mostly when I’m in the process of blocking my shot, so I know where i have moving holds and such…

If you come from Maya, this is very similar to the tween machine and also some of the tools of the aTool plugin.

Hope you learned a new way to improve your animation workflow!

Happy Break-downing!

Pro Tip: Custom colors for weightpainting

I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a while, and I kept forgetting, until the next time I had to do weight painting, and so this time I just decided to write the post, it’s a bit longer than usual, but it has big rewards.

The problem: ever painted weights?… well if you have, you probably noticed that the visual representation in the view-port is very inaccurate, why?, because when you’re weight painting very often you need to make sure that some vertices have either full influence or no influence at all from a joint, as you can see in this example one could think that at least half of the ear is 100% weighted to the corresponding joint… Continue reading Pro Tip: Custom colors for weightpainting

Add-on: Selection Restrictor

Oh yes, I’m going to give you hints on add-ons that I use, and I use at least 5 or 6 on a daily basis, and this came out a few days ago, and is something I wanted to write myself since no one was doing it, but thanks to Alesis Sidenko I didn’t have to try to learn python for months to write the script, he he.

So what this add-on is very simple but is one thing I was missing from Maya since I switched and is the ability to filter the type of objects you can select in the viewport. I’m an animator so most of the time I’m in pose mode, but unless the Geometry of your character has restrict selection on, it will often get in the way of your controls, which makes workflow slower… it’d be nice to have pre-selection highlight but that’s a whole other topic.

2016-02-23 15_41_56-

The image is pretty much selfexplanatory, you’ll find that arrow pointing down at the end of your viewport’s header which hides the filters, and each filter is for each type of object, easy right?, and also you can tell an object to ignore the rules or not to (the ghosts), and the last button is refresh… just in case.

As you can see I have Meshes unselectable so they don’t mess with my joints.

Get the add-on here and follow the Blender Artist’s thread here

Feature: Grease Pencil

It really amazes me how the Grease Pencil has grown in the past year or two. When i first came to blender for serious about 6 years ago, I found the grease pencil to be a great tool as an animation helper, you could create your thumbnails there, and i used it a lot to draw paths for my arcs when doing animation.

Now it’s almost a full fledged 2D animation suite, check out what the guys over at pepeland are doing: