[Pro Tip] Double Controls.

This is a thing that someone told me last year, and then when I started working at a big studio, realized pretty much every big pipeline has it: and it's double controls, something that free rigs on the internet usually don't have as far as I've seen, probably because Maya has ANIMATION LAYERS, which seems … Continue reading [Pro Tip] Double Controls.


Add-On: Edit Linked Library

Here is a very nifty add-on to facilitate editing of the linked libraries, developed by Jason van Gumster, Bassam Kurdali and Pablo Vazquez... It was included in to the add-ons that blender comes with not too long ago. It serves very well for quickly going to edit the library you're working on without having to … Continue reading Add-On: Edit Linked Library

Pro Tip: Custom colors for weightpainting

I've been wanting to talk about this for a while, and I kept forgetting, until the next time I had to do weight painting, and so this time I just decided to write the post, it's a bit longer than usual, but it has big rewards. The problem: ever painted weights?... well if you have, … Continue reading Pro Tip: Custom colors for weightpainting