[Pro Tip] Double Controls.

This is a thing that someone told me last year, and then when I started working at a big studio, realized pretty much every big pipeline has it: and it's double controls, something that free rigs on the internet usually don't have as far as I've seen, probably because Maya has ANIMATION LAYERS, which seems … Continue reading [Pro Tip] Double Controls.


Add-on: Bone Select Sets

This is something I've been wanting for a while, and didn't realize it was in blender for some time now, though it has been recently rewrote, or fixed at least, and even if I'm bugging the developer to improve it, she won't and that's okay, she's got a lot to do, and I'm just an … Continue reading Add-on: Bone Select Sets

Add-on: Node Wrangler

This add-on, MUST use if you're using Cycles, it makes it's workflow soooo much faster, some of these options should be default blender behavior, at least these four that I'm going to mention, I know there are a ton more, but I use the add-on just for these four. Check em out! The first one … Continue reading Add-on: Node Wrangler

Pro Tip: multiple camera switching

Ever wondered how to switch from one camera to an other?, I know I know this is not something often done in hardcore production setups since you want to have each scene in a separate file in order to distribute work across people and many other reasons, but then again if you're making an animatic, … Continue reading Pro Tip: multiple camera switching

Add-On: Dynamic Parent

This is a Must Have add-on for any animator, it's an add-on for quickly parenting objects to characters, or at least it seems like that's what's meant to be for, and in any case, it's the most common use case for it. It's installation and usage is very simple, I'll show you an use case, … Continue reading Add-On: Dynamic Parent

Add-On: Edit Linked Library

Here is a very nifty add-on to facilitate editing of the linked libraries, developed by Jason van Gumster, Bassam Kurdali and Pablo Vazquez... It was included in to the add-ons that blender comes with not too long ago. It serves very well for quickly going to edit the library you're working on without having to … Continue reading Add-On: Edit Linked Library

Quick Tip: Daily Builds

Daily Builds?, what's that? you might ask... well blender as an Open Source software, is so open and so popular that it gets built every day, it means, that every day there is a new version of blender with every new fix, feature, and also sometimes bugs, with the aim to test  out every new … Continue reading Quick Tip: Daily Builds