[Pro Tip] Double Controls.

This is a thing that someone told me last year, and then when I started working at a big studio, realized pretty much every big pipeline has it: and it's double controls, something that free rigs on the internet usually don't have as far as I've seen, probably because Maya has ANIMATION LAYERS, which seems … Continue reading [Pro Tip] Double Controls.


Quick Tip: Naming Bones “DEF-” “MCH-” and “ORG-“

Hey, I bet you haven't noticed this, when you have a rig, you can use a keying set that comes by default called "whole character", this allows for you to hit i and get a keyframe on every attribute of the entire rig you're animating, which is great, but sometimes you dont want to key … Continue reading Quick Tip: Naming Bones “DEF-” “MCH-” and “ORG-“