The little dragon – making of (?)

First thanks to Aaron Hartline for just throwing his amazing work out there and making our lives better... check out his work here: So after I did this quick exercise based on Aaron Hartline's design of this little dragon, I've gotten a couple of questions of how I did, and so I decided that a … Continue reading The little dragon – making of (?)


Bring your Maya animations to Blender’s Cycles

Ever had to animate in other software, but wanted to go back to your comfy blender so you could render in our beloved Cycles?... or maybe you're a Maya Animator that really doesn't want to pay for an Arnold licence to get beautiful renders for their reel?... well here is the solution to all your … Continue reading Bring your Maya animations to Blender’s Cycles

Tutorial: AN – Solar system

Hey guys!, we'll I've been personally talking to Jacques Lucke and he has been  helping me understand Animation Nodes and I'm committed to share everything I learn from him in little tutorials that will help us out building a community of users that will benefit from this powerful addon. Below there is the written tutorial … Continue reading Tutorial: AN – Solar system

Tutorial: Linking Rigs

Why linking?, well let's say you're animating lollypopman, and you have 3 shots and let's say half way through the film, you figure out, his eyes should no longer be blue, they should be brown. Regular people would open each of the shot scenes, go to the eyes, and change the color of the eyes … Continue reading Tutorial: Linking Rigs

Tutorial: Rigify

Have you heard about rigging?, probably yes since you're looking at this tutorial. I'm going to help you out learning how to quickly and effectively use Rigify, the automatic rigging tool that comes with blender and that you can probably use for most of your projects... I have used it several times for commercial projects … Continue reading Tutorial: Rigify

Quick Tip: Daily Builds

Daily Builds?, what's that? you might ask... well blender as an Open Source software, is so open and so popular that it gets built every day, it means, that every day there is a new version of blender with every new fix, feature, and also sometimes bugs, with the aim to test  out every new … Continue reading Quick Tip: Daily Builds