Blender Conference 2016!


Awesomeness all around, in a few hours I’ll be traveling to Amsterdam to attend the Blender Conference for the second time (first time back in 2010), great stuff, gonna see some good friends have some good beer, watch some great presentations and hang out, yay!

If you are attending and wish to grab a beer just find me and we’ll do.

Expect more nerdier pictures and posts than ever.

Fan Art: Lollypopman Cowboy!


It might be cheating because she is my cousin, but this is what happened today… I was just in class and stuff, and my whatsapp came up. the best thing ever, she sent this:

Cuando matemáticas te aburre (when you’re bored in math class)


…and I’m like melting!!! I can’t express what this feels like, I want to do this more often make things that people (of course my cousing first and foremost) like and that puts a smile on them, and can jumpstart their imagination!

Anyways, I so wanna make it happen!, lets finish up all the homework and squeeze it in somewhere, shall we?…

She’s also one of the only people that has one of the few existing LollypopMan action figures!

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-05 at 2.14.03 AM.jpeg

PSL – Week One



It’s been a bit more than a week since we started PSL, and we already had a big assignment (we’re already preparing the second one), and I feel like I’ve learnt a lot of blender and about narrative, but this is just the start.

We’ve been touching up on the basics of grease pencil to be able to quickly develop, itearate and deliver on Ideas, like everyone knows testing out ideas on paper is way faster and easier than In 3D, so that’s where we are at, while at the same time we’re learning about narrative and principles of animation slowly come in.

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It’s been long since I wrote my last post, to simplify I was swamped between working freelance, selling my stuff and preparing to move from Chile to Spain because I enrolled in PSL an animation school ran by Daniel Martinez Lara most of you might have heard of him for his amazing short film Alike, and for his great contribution to Blender and the development of the Grease Pencil.

Well, and on top of all that, today is my first day!, I’m so excited I haven’t slept one bit, but it’ll all be cool.

For those of you that haven’t heard about the school, here is a video from the last generation and then a video of the latest student’s work.

I’m super excited, already met some of my classmates and some alumni, really can’t believe I’m already here!

Blog: Blender Sushi

2016-08-10 11_12_31-Blender Sushi

Did you like my Animation Nodes tutorial?, definitelly check out Jimmy Gunawan’s site, It’s filled with experiments on Animation Nodes and also in general on his transition from other sofware to blender.

One great thing I’ve found while reading his posts is that he is very thorough and he not only posts one way to do stuff but many of his discoveries have 2 or 3 approaches to solve the same problem which is great to learn the inner workings of any piece of sofware.

So go ahead and check it out!