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2016-08-10 11_12_31-Blender Sushi

Did you like my Animation Nodes tutorial?, definitelly check out Jimmy Gunawan’s site, It’s filled with experiments on Animation Nodes and also in general on his transition from other sofware to blender.

One great thing I’ve found while reading his posts is that he is very thorough and he not only posts one way to do stuff but many of his discoveries have 2 or 3 approaches to solve the same problem which is great to learn the inner workings of any piece of sofware.

So go ahead and check it out!


Addon: ShapeKey Helpers

2016-08-09 12_40_41-Blender_ [G__Dropbox_Iguana_MadWrestling_Modelos_Luchador_Animacion_Looch_Luchad

I’ve been rigging a lot lately, and I’ve found some invaluable add-ons for the task at hand, I’ll probably write a post later on related on how I would go about rigging a character.

In any case, this is one very tiny add on, that adds 3 definitely great options to the Shape Keys panel made by JanOtt (github username)

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Blendiberia 2016 – WalkCycle Workshop


Hey guys, this is a short online workshop I’ll be giving for free, only if you understand Spanish, sorry.

The workshop consist on teaching you the basics to get started with a walk cycle, I’ll mostly show rigs done with rigify so for anyone that want to get started it’ll be easy to get comfortable with most rigs that you can find out there.

Don’t forget to tell your friends!




I’m coming back

2016-06-29 17_41_07-Blender_ [K__Dropbox_LOOCH_Proyectos_Different_Look_Rotacion_002.blend]

Sorry guys  I haven’t wrote lately. I have a post on my trip to Annecy that is half way written and a few more tips around that I should finish writing up.

I’m every day working by day for IguanaBee, and by night in my short film “True Colours”, and with great other projects on the side that I can’t talk about yet. So lot’s going on.

So for now, I’ll just leave you with a character design test from “True Colours”.

2016-06-28 12_48_37-Blender_ [G__Dropbox_LOOCH_Proyectos_Different_Character Design Test.001.blend].png


Add-on: Bone Select Sets

2016-05-23 00_03_39-Blender_ [K__Dropbox_lollypopMan_V2_rig.blend]

This is something I’ve been wanting for a while, and didn’t realize it was in blender for some time now, though it has been recently rewrote, or fixed at least, and even if I’m bugging the developer to improve it, she won’t and that’s okay, she’s got a lot to do, and I’m just an other user bugging with a feature request, so I’ll have to learn some coding myself to make it a better UX, in any case, it still speeds up your workflow.

So here is what the add-on does, It aids you on creating buttons for quickly selecting one or many rig controls from a little panel.

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Add-on: Node Wrangler

2016-05-22 23_42_36-Blender [K__Dropbox_LOOCH_dedoGoma1.blend]

This add-on, MUST use if you’re using Cycles, it makes it’s workflow soooo much faster, some of these options should be default blender behavior, at least these four that I’m going to mention, I know there are a ton more, but I use the add-on just for these four.

Check em out!

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