Selection Restrictor Overhaul!


One of the fantastic add-ons that i posted way back when I started this blog, is the Selection Restrictor, other people have been wanting this kind of functionality, and in the end Alesis (the creator of the original Selection Restrictor) and Nikos Priniotakis an amazing contributor to the blender community who also came up with a similar solution, ended up joining forces.

The addon simply aids your life by filtering object selection by type, so when you deactivate any of the types of objects all the objects in the scene of the same type will be unselectable, pretty straight forward, I believe this is the kind of functionaliyy that should come with every 3D package.


I would usually write a whole how to use this addon but this one explains itself, and it looks and works better than ever (also the page itself has a little explanation of how it works)

Get it here!

and now go filter your objcts like a boss!

Trailer Premiere for “Here’s the Plan”


This is a special moment, “Here is the Plan” premiered it’s trailer online.

Fernanda Frick’s most recent film, a film about a young couple, struggling to reconcile their dreams of opening a bakery together with the harsh realities of workplace pressure and financial constraints. (quoted from cartoon brew)

Check out the trailer, and below the link to the entire interview from cartoon brew on this  amazing short film.

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Blender Conference 2016!


Awesomeness all around, in a few hours I’ll be traveling to Amsterdam to attend the Blender Conference for the second time (first time back in 2010), great stuff, gonna see some good friends have some good beer, watch some great presentations and hang out, yay!

If you are attending and wish to grab a beer just find me and we’ll do.

Expect more nerdier pictures and posts than ever.

Fan Art: Lollypopman Cowboy!


It might be cheating because she is my cousin, but this is what happened today… I was just in class and stuff, and my whatsapp came up. the best thing ever, she sent this:

Cuando matemáticas te aburre (when you’re bored in math class)


…and I’m like melting!!! I can’t express what this feels like, I want to do this more often make things that people (of course my cousing first and foremost) like and that puts a smile on them, and can jumpstart their imagination!

Anyways, I so wanna make it happen!, lets finish up all the homework and squeeze it in somewhere, shall we?…

She’s also one of the only people that has one of the few existing LollypopMan action figures!

WhatsApp Image 2016-09-05 at 2.14.03 AM.jpeg