Blender Conference 2016: Report

So blender conference 2016 or #bcon16 (for the twitterheads) is over, some genious talks, amazing people, and of course great beer, thanks Amsterdam.

After the jump all the links to talks and pictures! pictures! pictures!


Day 1

Opening and Keynote (Missing)
Nimble Collective – Pipeline in the Cloud (Missing)
Making of Saurora – Visual Effects (Starts a couple of minutes in)
Cycles: the paths to success
Blender for school aged students
Blender as a garment design tool
6 tips from Sergey to make your life happier
Oscilloscope Music and Blender
Using Blender in motorcycle and powerboat design
Building a Market for Blender Products
The Appeal of Animation

Day 2

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Artists
Simulating fire outbreaks in industrial plants
Realistic Lighting Hacks in Blender
MAD Animation Studio: the Blender takeover
Armory: Real-Time 3D Engine in Blender
Point Density Texture goes Boom!
Look Development with Cycles
Blend4Web and Blender: the Present and the Future
Isabella d’Este: Virtual Studiolo – the video
A new 100% blender degree in a french university
Using Blender to protect athletes
UV unwrapping gets an overhaul
Smart slicing in Blender
Usage of Blender in Computer Aided Engineering
Open Stage

Day 3

Agent 327 – a feature film in progress
Tangent Animation: Making Ozzy with Blender
Automotive Design with Blender – Year 2
Psious case study: Phobias, VR & Blender
Cycles Roadmap presentation
Viewport 2.8: Oh the Possibilities!
Grease Pencil and EasyRigging future developments
The Art of 3D Environments
Microscopic 3D data processing in Blender
Closing event (No sound)

Here is a little compilation of pictures, videos and stuff gathered from it.


So many great things going on in blender!, so I hope you didn’t really expect a report! also i want to thank all and the great people from BlenderArtist forum that gathered these links.


And if you’re wondering the drawing is actually a compilation of quick sketches i did while there, they’re ugly but it’s all part of the practice and learning process.




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