9 Great Blender films you must see.

In the light of the recent release of SPRING, the latest short from the Blender Animation Studio, I compiled a list of my favorite animated movies done in blender, most of them you probably know, but it’s always great to give them a second watch or a first one if you haven’t yet.

1. Next Gen – Tangent Animation / Netflix

I chose this film because its the first time such an incredible production has been achieved with blender, Tangent Animation hired some top artists around the industry and it shows, it shows so much that upon it’s china release Netflix bought worldwide rights for it, I just wished it would have a theatrical release because it totally deserves it… So go watch it on netflix right here.

2. Cosmos Laundromat

I particularly like this film, directed by the great Mathieu Auvray, the most out of all the ones made by the Blender Animation Studio, because unlike most films, it makes me feel that 12 mins are just 7, I mean the film feels right, the character animation is well polished, and the acting is just great. Story wise it grabs me and makes me want to watch more, every time, it is an unconventional adult drama type story and it sets up really well to whatever we hope to see one day.

3. Agent 327

I have a special place in my heart for this film, I know I’m biased, the smell of Mission Impossible, James Bond, Bourne, The Incredibles or any (well made enough) movie with spies, secret agents and conspiracies is always super appealing to me. Particularly with 327, it reminds me a lot of Super Agent 86 that I used to love when i was a kid (and i mean the old black and white series, not the piece of crap movie they did not too long ago)

4. Alike

Daniel M. Lara and Rafa Cano warm our hearts with this beautiful and charming story about parenting, education, life, dreams and much more, masterfully crafted animation and storytelling.
If you haven’t seen it yet <<rare>> here it is. Otherwise it’s always great to watch it again.

5. Darrel

Alan Carabantes and Marc Briones entertain us with funny love story… I mean who hasn’t been there, right?

6. Whole

A film by Bill Reynish himself!, one of the first films that I saw rendered in cycles with a great look and an amazing story, make sure to turn subtitles on because it’s in danish.

7. The Missing Scarf

Narrated by George Takei, this beautiful comedic film in a graphic style, more unusual for a narrative short film, but lovely nevertheless.

8. Caminandes (1, 2, 3)

One of the “rockstars” from the Blender Animation Studio, Pablo Vazquezæ has taken a few stabs at directing shorts, Here is the complete trilogy <<until he decides to make an other one>> As you see them in order you’ll see how each one gets more ambitious and polished than the previous one, the first one rendered in the late blender internal <<fly high blender internal!>>, and the second and third in cycles, I’m hoping for the 4th one to be done to push and polish #eevee… they feature the beautiful Andes mountains.


9. Hero

Hero is something between a short and a trailer project directed by Daniel M. Lara <<also>> – It’s funny because it doesn’t intend to have a big story or anything though does have a more rounded and polished story than most films out there, It was made with the aim to showcase some of the possibilities of creating 2D animation in Blender and with this attract new artists to start using the grease pencil that Daniel, Antonio Vasquez and other artists and coders have been fiercely working on for about 2 years.

Oh and if you haven’t seen spring… here it is, just as a bonus.


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