Addon: ShapeKey Helpers

I’ve been rigging a lot lately, and I’ve found some invaluable add-ons for the task at hand, I’ll probably write a post later on related on how I would go about rigging a character.

In any case, this is one very tiny add on, that adds 3 definitely great options to the Shape Keys panel made by JanOtt (github username)

So this add-on has simply 3 features:

2016-08-09 12_27_56-[Addon] ShapeKey Helpers


1.- Split Shape Keys: Splitting can separate your shape keys based on groups you create for either half of your model:

Just make sure you separate those groups “left” and “right” no capital letters or anything weird.



2.- Apply Modifiers and Keep Shape Keys: Also something very useful is that you can do your shape keys with your modifiers and then apply them on top and will keep the shape keys (I really don’t know why isn’t this a behavior that comes in blender.



3.- Apply Selected Shape Key as Basis: And finally you can grab any shape key and make that one the basis keeping all of the other ones working based on the one selected.



Yes, so that’s it, simple huh?

You can go check out the BA thread here:

And grab the add on from

Happy shapekeying!


7 thoughts on “Addon: ShapeKey Helpers

  1. Hello,

    Nice add-on, thank you 🙂

    But if I may suggest, it would be better (at least to me) if, when using the split shape keys feature, it creates the L and R shape keys in the same objects instead of an other one.

    I do a lot of driven shape keys for my characters and that would be really useful when I need to fix them.


    1. Hey, sorry I didn’t put it in the post, I’m not the Author of the Addon, but you can probably suggest that in the Blender Artist’s thread at the end of the posting.


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