Pro Tip: Reporting Bugs

So this is a must know for every blender user that considers himself a PRO.

Huh?, yes, being a pro is not only creating great work, but acting like a professional, and a professional contributes to the well being of it’s industry… a good way to show your love is to help the blender developers improve blender by reporting bugs, because the sooner you report a bug, the sooner it gets fixed, and that means a better version comes out the next day.

So here is the process, very simple steps:

https://developer.blender.org2016-02-29 12_04_07-Facebook.png


Just below the welcome word, there is a button that says “Report a Bug”2016-02-29 12_05_03-Blender Foundation_ Welcome

you’ll get to this login window:2016-02-29 12_05_56-Login to Phabricator

As you can see now the registration is super simple:

2016-02-29 12_07_17-Phabricator Registration

Once you’re in we get right this window which is pretty self explanatory

2016-02-29 12_13_06-⚓ Report a Bug.png

Make sure you try and give all the information asked for because that helps the developers a lot in locating and reproducing the problem to be able to fix it!.

And done!, now you’re part of the cool guys!

Happy Blender Bug Reporting!


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