Quick Tip: Daily Builds

Daily Builds?, what’s that? you might ask… well blender as an Open Source software, is so open and so popular that it gets built every day, it means, that every day there is a new version of blender with every new fix, feature, and also sometimes bugs, with the aim to test  out every new version before it comes out as a “stable version” making sure it has been tested thoroughly and fixed at least several times.

In my case, I use these development versions on an every day basis, Usually I get a new one once a week, because not only has the latest features and improvements, also has some add-ons that the official version doesn’t have like “amaranth toolset”, to which I’ll talk about later, and if by bad luck a feature I need isn’t working because of a bug and I’m able to reproduce the error, I report it, and help blender get better, and Just revert to either the last one I was using before, or  I just download the latest from the day… the great thing about this, every bug I’ve reported has taken the guys not more than 10 hours to be reviewed by the devs, and the next day usually I get a new fresh build with the bug fixed!.

Awesome stuff!, so yeah, get the Daily Builds for your system here.

2016-02-29 11_27_18-Blender.png


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