I’m very proud to say that during the Games Developer Conference 2016 we will be presenting “Raise”, a real time, real space virtual pet that we’ve been working on at IguanaBee and we’ll be showing it at Google’s Booth on Thursday March 17th at 12:30 pm.

You’re welcome to drop by to meet your new family member.

We did all the rigging and animation in Blender, programming in Unity 3D and shading with Shader Forge, check out this cool promo that we’re presenting at #GDC16

It will be available this year.


While at it,  with the help of Blender and via Shapeways we 3D printed our little dog that is known as “Nariz”.



I’ll leave you with some images from the process:


Interface animation tests (animated in blender too)



It has been a wonderful project and process, lead by Cristian Gonzalez and Daniel Winkler, with Glenn Lazo, Moisés Aguilera and Nicolás Burmester, also during this period we had 2 interns in the programming department: Damian Ibarra and Miguel Reyes

Check back soon for updates !


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