Tumblehead Animation Studios

Hey guys, I just wanted to feature this studio, I love their work they’re a part of Arsenalet an initiative by the animation workshop to incubate animation related studios.

I gladly had the chance to meet 2 of the guys running Tumblehead about 7 years ago when they where at school. You could already see the talent they had when they released Elk Hair Caddis, their final project film at the animation workshop.

During Annecy was able too also to meet Mette Tange, they’r incredibly talented animator.

Even though seem pretty small they really do fantastic work, this is one of the pieces that caught my eye a couple of years ago:

Lucky to us, they made a bunch of  little making of short videos, that I found very inspiring and that helped me a lot on getting ideas on how to approach cartoony rigging and animation for lollypopman.

check them out!

General Making of:

Tour de Rigging:

Tour de Animaation:

Tour de Rendering:

Tour de Compositing


Also don’t forget to check their Instagram to follow what they’re developing



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