Quick Tip: Naming Bones left and right.

Hey again!,

Here is a second Quick Tip about naming bones: name your joints “.L” and “.R” for left and right side accordingly, this will allow you to do many things like copying and pasting a pose inverted from one side to the other one.

That works with these buttons 2016-02-17 19_41_17-Blender that are in the bottom left of your 3D view when in Pose Mode, the first one is “Copy Pose”, the second one is “Paste Pose” and the third one is “Paste inverted pose”


Also it’s very helpful while rigging, because you can use the Symmetrize operator in the specials menu ( W ), which will be available when 2.77 is out, that will take your bones, mirror them to the other side, and name them for the respectively… and luckily it has been fixed and if you have constrains it will also mirror them to the other side.


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